Car Factory



We are a diversified asset laboratory based in the largest and most dynamic capital market in the world, the United States of America.


Unidas is specialized in the study and development of a wide range of asset classes, and we take action by deploying our capital for the acquisition and management of global assets to enable long-term profitability, and the support of our thesis.


In summary, Unidas applies investment strategies spanning a wide range of market capitalization, sectors and geographies, to focus on assets expected to be the beneficiaries of market cycles in developed and emerging economies.


We seek to capitalize on market inefficiencies by applying our growth thesis, designed to take advantage of unrecognized or misunderstood investment opportunities.


The tactics applied by Unidas aim to deliver long-term growth, with lower volatility expected as we expand a diversified portfolio of assets with low direct correlation among them.


Our analysis method currently identifies international, regional and local asset classes that match our principles of investment and experimentation, today faster than ever before, which amplifies our future perspectives.


Our main purpose is to apply our professional experience in the fields of social sciences for a close analysis and private processing of information, and its application in subsequent asset deployment around the world.


We are proud to share our insights and discoveries with our private community through digital media, to inspire independent analysis and the direct flow of information of interest.


At its core, Unidas is a private american laboratory of social sciences, applied to the generation of wealth, and a public data processing company with the goal of exponential growth worldwide.

Our profit is gained through the results of our diversified experiments.

We do not operate as funds or financial institutions. Our goal is only to serve as a source of information for further research and development.


Unidas believes all of our operations, experiments and equity deployment have the potential of improving lives and businesses across the world, by building a portfolio designed to enable growth and sustainability.


We currently hold assets related to several markets, such as the United States, United Kingdom, European Union, Canada, Australia, among others, in a wide range of sectors.


We observe our world because its future excites us, and it is admiration for human ambition and its deep generational impact that motivates us to follow this path of open scientific observation and strategic applications.

Innovation and creativity are the driving forces behind everything that we set to accomplish together, with our base of collaborators and business partners, as members of the Unidas Group.




In the following years, we will continue to extend our technical and productive capacity for analysis, monitoring and communication, strengthening our core of competence and its profitability.

As we seek to continue our growth by funding portfolios through responsible alliances, Unidas is projected to receive capital exclusively from our private initiatives, as an invitation-only venture credit opportunity.



The stable economies in emerging regions are still part of the unknown to most investors, however effectively accessing those markets could mean higher levels of portfolio growth in the future, as they maintain their paths to integration into the global economy.​

Our desire is to experiment and invest in specific emerging regions, and organize strategies to complement our research, to generate wealth and to consolidate a world-wide portfolio.



Expand an extensive portfolio of funds, businesses and other assets around the world, involved in a wider range of sectors, such as energy, technology, utilities, financial, material, industrial, health care, telecommunication, real estate, consumer products and more.

This level of reach, without losing our core of expertise and operations, makes this path a potential source of constant and exponential growth.



Assets that safeguard the E.S.G. principles are part of a trend that is gaining global followers who seek a clean, healthy and fair future for all.


This could lead to a gap between assets that benefit from complying with E.S.G. principles and those that remain highly profitable without complying with them.


We want our portfolio to be on both sides of the argument, to analize this ideological schism among investors.