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We are a diversified asset research and development digital center, established in the largest and most dynamic capital market in the world, the United States of America, and proudly based in Florida, one of the most vibrant, international and forward-thinking states on a global scale, and a gate to Latin American markets.


UNI·DAS is specialized in the analysis and development of a wide range of asset classes, and we take action by deploying our capital, experience and resources for the acquisition, management or creation of global assets to enable long-term profitability, and the support of our thesis.

Currently our digital center manages two private business units:


This business unit aims to provide a well balanced exposure to the global economy through the U.S. financial markets.

* We do not provide, sell or offer products or services.

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This business unit aims to provide a targeted exposure to the U.S. service based economy via direct investments.

* We do not provide, sell or offer products or services.


Our story began in 2020, when UNI·DAS America was created as an independent organization to lead the group and centralize all operations in the United States and international markets around the world.


In 2020 and 2021, we created our business units, UNI·DAS Capital and UNI·DAS Futura, each specialized in strategies that complement each other to reach specific long term objectives.

UNI·DAS Capital and UNI·DAS Futura do not operate as suppliers or sellers of products or services, and do not accept clients. Both business units, operate as separate entities, however, they are held together by common principles and goals, as part of the UNI·DAS Group.

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