We are an American conglomerate specialized in the development of a diverse portfolio of Strategic Growth Entities (S.G.E.) that invests in a wide range of businesses, from real estate and utilities, to telecommunications and aerospace engineering, in order to offer a diversified and fixed alternative for selected private credit investors.


U.C. is a diversified asset laboratory based in the largest and most dynamic capital market in the world, the United States of America.

U.T. offers high quality real estate, to provide new alternatives specifically designed for sophisticated commercial and productive purposes.

U.F. dreams of an open and energetic world, and international businesses based on electronic assets and services through forward-looking technologies.

U.M. is focused in offer digital media support and professional images for all Unidas Group operations, and other brands and companies.


Since we are a self-sustaining organization thanks to our growth strategies, we finance all current operations carried by our S.G.E. primarily with constant revenue generated by them.


Further portfolio expansions are possible with the funding provided via long to medium term credit, offered by selected private investors at a fair and fixed interest rate, to allow the development of our growth strategies in a safer and more profitable way, while in search of the private investor's benefit.


The main goal is to undertake the future and to become the leading conglomerate in all of the market segments in which we operate, both in the United States and internationally, through safe, responsible and highly profitable long term strategies, that promote the growth of all those involved, from investors and team members, to the companies and communities in which we invest our time, effort and resources.